The Federal Marketing Alliance offers proposal support. This is not a comprehensive proposal service but rather a support function. Proposal preparation costs are skyrocketing and in order to help smaller companies increase their proposal bandwidth, and save their dollars, the FMA wants to help offset proposal costs.


Federal Marketing Alliance will help you offset proposal costs.

Creating a Single Voice

Our services focus on working with your technical contributors to create the “single voice” approach to proposals. Given today’s constant teaming, there are often many contributors with different writing styles. Our objective, write in one style, ensure win themes are carried throughout the proposal, be concise and avoid “fluff”. We work with your proposal manager to edit, critique, and continually review as we assist in writing to the “single voice”.

We Assure Compliance

We also ensure compliance with the RFP requirements and work with your “color” teams as they conduct the review process and then white glove the content for you. We offer this service at assorted price points; per hour, per page, or per proposal. We want to help you write successful on-point proposals, and do it inexpensively.